Lemon Sweet Jewelry Giveaway

I have a special treat for you guys today! Lemon Sweet Jewelry Shop is giving away this adorable gold-filled bar necklace to one Gluten Free Molly reader! The jewelry shop has so many cute and unique jewels to choose from. My favorites are this bracelet, these earrings, and this necklace! Lemon Sweet Jewelry is also offering 20% off any item in their shop to Gluten Free Molly Readers! Just enter molly20 at the checkout ūüôā The discount will be good until Thursday, October 10th.


The giveaway will be from Wednesday, October 2nd-Thursday October 10th.

Here’s how to enter:

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1. Follow @GlutenFreeMolly on Twitter

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2. Follow MollyKate11 and LemonSweet on Pinterest

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4. Like Lemon Sweet By Leslie on Facebook

Remember to comment for each time you’ve entered!




Chebe Giveaway

Chebe gluten-free mixes have been some of my go-to products for quite a while. Their unique taste and texture is so great, not to mention the fact that even my gluten-eating family members love the products as well! Chebe products are naturally gluten free and have been for years. The versatility of their products and the delicious taste are what keep me coming back for more!

photo (63)

Their pizza crust is unbelievably good! It is soft and chewy, and super cheesy. Sometimes I even use the dough to make calzones! However, this time I just wanted good old regular pepperoni pizza!

photo (64)

The mix directions will tell you that it is optional to add 1 C. of cheese to the dough. You absolutely HAVE to do this! Parmesan is my fave cheese to add ūüôā

photo (68)

photo (65)

photo (67)

I also really love Chebe’s Cinnamon Roll Mix! It has the right consistency with just enough cinnamon and sugar! Although I typically make plain cinnamon rolls, I made a cherry cobbler with them this time.

photo (66)

This cobbler is SUPER easy, but tastes like you put a lot of effort into making it. All you need to do is put one 21 oz. can of cherry pie filling in an 8 by 8 glass pan. Prepare cinnamon rolls according to package directions and place on top of pie filling. Bake according to package directions.


One Gluten Free Molly reader will win a giveaway of 6 Chebe dry mixes as seen above. Here’s what you need to do to enter:

Mandatory Entry:

1. Comment to let me know which Chebe mix is your fave!

For Up to Two Additional Entries

2. Follow @GlutenFreeMolly and @Chebe_Bread on Twitter

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4. Follow MollyKate11 on Pinterest

Giveaway will run from Wednesday, Sept. 4th to Wednesday, Sept. 11th. Good luck!



Amy’s Organic Giveaway

What is a college student to do when they are newly diagnosed as gluten intolerant and have to live on campus with gluten-filled cafeteria foods? Eat Amy’s Organic Gluten Free frozen meals of course! At first, I tried to survive on salads. Then…I got hungry. I scavenged the grocery store for gluten free foods that I could prepare in the microwave and found Amy’s meals. I have been hooked ever since.

A few of my faves are:

photo (56)

photo (54)

The Roasted Vegetable pizza is so delicious! I was skeptical, because it doesn’t have any cheese, but it is so, so good! The sauce is spicy and the crust is light and crispy.


photo (55)

I also love their gluten free brownies. Yes…brownies that you can heat and eat in the microwave! For someone without a kitchen, this was such a nice treat for me! They are chewy, moist, and kind of taste like hot chocolate ūüôā

I have never tried any Amy’s product that I have not enjoyed. That’s why I am so excited to tell you that Amy’s is offering a prize package for a Gluten Free Molly reader! The prize will include: a t-shirt, tote bag, Amy’s coupons, and more!

Mandatory Entry

1. Follow Gluten Free Molly on Twitter

For Up to Three Additional Entries

2. Enter Amy’s Farm Aid Sweepstakes

3. Become a follower of Gluten Free Molly

4. Follow MollyKate11 on Pinterest

Giveaway runs from Tuesday, August 27th to Tuesday, September 3rd.

Good luck!



Strong Confident You Giveaway

Workout clothes are probably my favorite type of clothing. Don’t get me wrong….I love to dress up! But it’s really nice to be able to be casual and comfy when I come home from work.

Strong Confident You is graciously offering a giveaway of one of their custom workout tanks to a Gluten Free Molly reader! The tanks are so cute and stylish. They come in tons of different and unique color combinations and options. Not to mention the fact that the tops are lightweight and cool when working out. I have already worn mine multiple times. It’s begun to be one of my favorite running tanks!

photo (52)

photo (50)

photo (51)

Mandatory Entry

1.) Visit Strong Confident You’s website, and comment on Gluten Free Molly to let me know which tank is your favorite.

For Up to Two Extra Entries:

2.) Become a follower of Gluten Free Molly

3.) Follow MollyKate11 on Pinterest.

Giveaway will end on Monday, September 2nd.

Happy Running!



*Giveawy Ended

Sarah Hansen Annapolis Giveaway




Sarah Hansen Annapolis is offering one Gluten Free Molly reader one of her unique medium sized trays! They are all handmade and come in so so many colors and designs. The trays are perfect for a coffee table tray or to put your accessories and perfume on your dresser! How fun and functional!

Mandatory Entry:

1.) Comment and let me know which Sarah Hansen design is your favorite.

For Up to Three Additional Entries:

2.) Become a follower of Gluten Free Molly

3.) Follow @glutenfreemolly on Twitter

4.) Follow MollyKate11 on Pinterest

The giveaway will run from August 13- August 20. Good luck!



                                                                                      *Giveaway Over*

Haute Bands Giveaway


I have a great surprise for you today! I am giving away two packages of Haute Bands to two lucky readers! These hair ties are so adorable and will definitely spruce up any everyday ponytail. They will not leave a crease in your hair either! Each package includes 9 bands in an assortment of nude and metallic colors.


Here’s How to Enter:

Mandatory Entry:

1.) Comment on Gluten Free Molly and tell me which Haute Bands assortment is your favorite. I am loving the Great Gatsby Collection ūüôā

For Up to 2 Additional Entries:

2.) Become a follower of Gluten Free Molly

3.) Follow @glutenfreemolly on Twitter

The giveaway will run from Monday, August 12 to Monday August 19. Good luck!



*Giveaway Over*

Southern Crown Boutique Giveaway!

Southern Crown Boutique Gift Card

Southern Crown Boutique Necklace

Happy Friday everyone! I am beyond excited about this amazing Southern Crown Boutique giveaway. Two lucky readers will win either a $25 gift certificate to this adorable store, or the super cute turquoise necklace in the picture above. It’s safe to say that I am a little be jealous of whoever wins ūüôā

Southern Crown Boutique’s clothes are perfect for surviving the scorching summer heat, while still looking fabulously stylish. This dress, skirt, and top are a few of my personal faves!

Mandatory Entry Requirements:

1.) Visit Southern Crown Boutique’s Website and leave a comment on Gluten Free Molly¬†telling me what your favorite item of clothing is.

For Up to 3 Additional Entries:

2.) Follow @glutenfreemolly and @Southern_Crown on Twitter.

3.) Follow MollyKate11 and Southern Crown Boutique on Pinterest.

4.) Like Southern Crown Boutique on Facebook.

Comment below for each time that you’ve entered! The giveaway runs from Friday, July 26 to Friday, August 2. Good luck!



*Giveaway Closed*

I Found It!




I found my wedding dress yesterday! Obviously, I want nothing more than to describe every detail of it to everyone I see….but I can’t. I will definitely put lots of pics up after the wedding though!

Finding a dress was¬†very different than watching Say Yes to the Dress. I took my mom and sister, but thankfully no one got into an argument or any other dramatics like the show portrays. Also, everyone says that when you find your dress you’ll know. I assumed that was true, but didn’t know what to expect. Well, I didn’t find “the one,” I found three. Each dress was equally beautiful and flattering. To make matters worse, they were all completely different. But, after trying the three of them on multiple times, I finally decided which one was meant to be mine. I am completely happy with my decision and have no second thoughts at all!

I have a few pointers for those of you shopping for a dress in the near future:

1.) Take the saleslady’s advice. They know what type of dress looks good on your particular body type. Listen to her! This will keep you from getting overwhelmed. Trust me!

2.) Go shopping 4-6 months ahead of time. Most people, like me, cannot order off the rack and have to have their gown specially made for them. This takes a lot of time!

3.) Find out what type of alteration services your dress designer provides. I expected to pay a large amount for alterations at the bridal shop. Luckily, I found out that my dress designer would specially make my dress for my particular height at no extra charge. Also, they will make my dress to fit my body measurements for a small extra fee. This saves a lot of time and money on alterations later!

4.) If you are able, shop local. I got my dress from a local boutique. We didn’t have to make an appointment, and didn’t have to wait in line for service. Also, we get great perks! The boutique will steam my dress for bridal portraits and the wedding, as well as my bridesmaid’s dresses if I choose to purchase them there. Lastly, they will deliver my dress and bridesmaid’s dresses to the church on my wedding day so that I don’t have to worry about it. Isn’t that great?

I am so thankful to have another thing off my long wedding to-do list! Get ready for an absolutely awesome giveaway Friday!



Lacey Fields Etsy Shop Giveaway

**Contest Over**




Today I am partnering with the adorable Lacey Fields custom print and invitation shop on Etsy! One of you will win a print or custom invitation of your choice! Everything in the shop is super cute and unique!  The lucky winner will be emailed their custom print or invitation design. Then, they can print them out on their home computer, or have it printed at a local print shop. How convenient! Here is what you do to win:

Mandatory Entry Requirements

1.) Become a follower of Gluten Free Molly

For up to 2 Additional Entries

2.) Follow @glutenfreemolly on Twitter

3.) Repost this giveaway to Pinterest, Facebook, or Instagram

Comment for each time that you’ve entered! Good luck! The winner will be announced on Sunday, July 21st!