Victoria’s Vanilla


It’s safe to say that the gluten free world has certainly improved in the past few years. I am able to pick up a tub of frozen cookie dough, cake mixes, and even quick frozen gluten free dinners, all from the grocery store. However, there are some gluten free foods that I just haven’t been able to find in the grocery store. Pound cake is one of those things. So you can imagine that I was ecstatic when I found Victoria’s Vanilla gluten free pound cake mix!


I know that cake mixes are perceived to be “not as good” as homemade. But this stereotype definitely does not apply to Victoria’s Vanilla mixes. I was so amazed by the uniqueness of this mix. It contains organic vanilla infused sugar, and organic vanilla beans. I typically use only vanilla extract when cooking, so the taste of the fresh vanilla beans was just amazing. I had no idea how much difference they could make! To prepare the cake, all I had to do was add eggs, sour cream, butter, and a little vanilla extract. Victoria also includes a mix to make frosting for the cake as well. I personally do not like frosted pound cake, so I chose to leave it off. The plain cake was absolutely the most delicious pound cake ever! It was devoured quickly by my family 🙂


Victoria’s Vanilla also sells gluten free Vanilla Bean Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix that contains the vanilla infused sugar and vanilla beans. I cannot wait to try it! These mixes are unlike any that you can purchase at the grocery store. The organic ingredients and vanilla beans create a delicious and unique twist on any ordinary cake mix. Everyone will think that you baked for hours 🙂


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