Fitness Friday

I haven’t had a Fitness Friday post in a while. Mainly because I have honestly had no new or innovative ideas to share with you on fitness. During the summer, my goal is to run as late at night or early in the morning as I possibly can to avoid the scorching Texas heat (it was 100 degrees when I ran last night at 7:30). I also try to attend as many classes at my gym as I can so that I can work out without having to be sooo hot! So obviously my routine hasn’t been too exciting. However,  a trainer at my gym told me about a fabulous workout that you can do anywhere-without any weights or equipment. Also, you can do the small amount of running it requires outside, or inside on the treadmill.


All you need is a deck of cards!

Hearts represent pushups, diamonds are jump lunges, spades are burpees, and clubs represent squat jumps. Jacks equal 20 reps, Queens are 30 reps, Kings are 40 reps, Aces are a 2 minute 30 second run, and the Jokers are worth 50 reps of your choice of the four different exercises. All of the other non-face cards are worth their face value. (ex: 5=5 reps, 8=8 reps, etc.)

Shuffle the cards and put them on the ground next to your workout space. Draw the top card each time, and do the workout that the number and type represent. If you go through the whole stack, your workout will be about an hour long. Believe me….this workout absolutely wears you out!

This workout is perfect for rainy, snowy, or scorching hot days when working out outdoors is not an option. It’s also perfect for times that you are out of town and can’t get to the gym!

Happy Weekend!




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