Wedding Wednesday


We have finally been able to make some progress with many things on our wedding to-do list. I felt like we were at a standstill for a few months, and then all of a sudden we had almost everything booked within a week or two. I am so relieved! Here is THE LIST.

Find and Book Venue

Book Church

Make Guest List (This is one of the hardest things. It just keeps getting bigger)

Pick Bridesmaids, Maid of Honor, Groomsmen, and Best Man

Take Engagement Photos

Book Wedding Photographer

Find Bakery for Wedding Cake (gluten free of course) and Groom’s Cake

Book Honeymoon

Pick Wedding Dress

Pick Wedding Colors/Theme

Find Wedding Favors

Register For Gifts (partially completed)

Decide On Reception Menu

Find Bridesmaid’s Dresses

Find a DJ

Decide on Wedding and Reception Flowers

Find Wedding Invitations and Programs

Decide On Save the Dates

Bachelorette Party

Buy Fiance’s Wedding Ring

Decide On and Buy Wedding Shoes

Find a Wedding Hairstyle

Umm….Keep My Sanity????

Is there anything I am forgetting? If so, I NEED to know! Luckily, the church and venue we are having the wedding and reception at have wedding planners to help us put everything together. However I keep thinking of things that we need to do that seem to keep slipping my mind! I’m praying that everything comes together smoothly. I am a big planner, so I like to have everything finished as soon as possible. Hopefully we can get everything booked and finished in the near future!




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