To Buy, Or Not to Buy

mia2_keylime_set_660x386_01142013I had never really had a problem with acne until I graduated from college. Before, I would have a few breakouts during test week, but they would go away fairly quickly. However, after entering the wonderful world of accounting, I have found myself breaking out very often. I guess I have what dermatologists call “adult acne.” I tried to wash my face each morning and night, but that did absolutely nothing. I had always been interested in the Clarisonic Mia 2, but spending that kind of money on a product that isn’t guaranteed to work kind of scared me. Finally, about a month ago, I became fed up with my breakouts. I decided that I needed to do something about my face before I had to start taking wedding and engagement pics, going to bridal showers, etc. So I bought the Mia 2.

Two weeks into using the Mia 2, my face looked terrible. It was red and splotchy everywhere! I deeply regretted my purchase and was about to stop using it. But, I decided to press on for another couple of weeks just to see if anything improved. Now that I have been using the Mia 2 for a month, I absolutely love it!! My pores are smaller, my face is smoother, my makeup, facewash, and moisturizer goes on more smoothly, and my pimples are gone! I am definitely a fan of this product!! It was rough getting through the few weeks where it brought out my pimples from under the skin, but the results are really worth the pain and the price!




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