Fitness Friday

pink-kettlebells-3 in a row

A few weeks ago, my trainer sent me home from Bootcamp class with homework. I was assigned to learn how to do Turkish Get-Ups and come back the next week and teach it to the class. “Oh no problem,” I said. Obviously I had no clue what in the world Turkish Get-Ups were, but I was sure I could do them easily.

The exercise seems easy enough to do from this video, but it is extremely difficult to keep your entire body aligned while trying to follow the steps to get up. I have mastered the Turkish Get-Up without weight, but have yet to try it with a kettlebell in hand, much less lifting an actual person as you can see!

This exercise will help to gain strength in the shoulders and core, and will improve coordination. I definitely recommend giving it a try!

-XO, Molly


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