Fitness Friday

I have been on a serious pursuit for new workout gear. I’ve come to realize that unfortunately, it’s no longer acceptable for  me to wear my old college sorority t-shirts to the gym. This weekend, while at Gap, I discovered that they have a new line of clothing called Gap Fit. I am very particular about workout clothes, and usually I would shy away from workout apparel from a store that isn’t fitness oriented, but I was surprisingly impressed! There were so many styles, types, and colors to choose from, and the quality was great. They even had a lightweight rain jacket, which I was extremely excited about because I have been searching for one FOREVER. 

Obviously, I am hooked on Gap Fit and am excited to replenish my college workout wardrobe with colorful, fun, and functional workout gear!!  Also, I’ve found that new workout clothes are a great motivator to actually go to the gym or out for a run! Here’s a little secret: everything at is 25% off today! Happy Shopping 🙂






Half-Zip Pullover

crop leggings

Crop Leggingsracerback

Racerback Tank

What are your favorite fitness clothing brands and styles?




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